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 Pono Player Digital Music Players

We are authorized USA dealers of the Pono Player, a high resolution digital medial player.  Free shipping! (note- USA Sales only for this product).

While supplies last- free 128 GB memory with purchase of a Pono Player.  This is a suitable high speed micro-SD memory card for use in the Pono Player to store additional music.   New in retail packaging.

We also have hard cases - black and yellow.  These are nice for storing the Pono Player, and for travel- it fits perfectly.  However the player must be removed from the case when it is time to listen to music, as there are no cut-outs for cables and headphones.  New and unused.

A Soft silicon liner on the inside and clear cover fit perfectly over the Pono Player to protect it from any accidents or rough treatment.

The Pono Player

The Pono Player is a battery (and USB) powered portable digital music player which can store and playback music in a wide variety of formats, including high resolution music in lossless formats at 192 KHz/ 24 bits.  It is compatible with the following formats:  FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, unprotected AAC, and DSD. 

If features a touchscreen controller and audiophile circuitry developed by high end manufacturer Ayre.  Using the ESS Sabre ES9018M DAC and fully balanced circuitry, it is able to output a true balanced audio signal into balanced headphones and balanced preamplifiers.  See our Pono Player balanced cables page for a selection of balanced cables and a list of balanced headphones.  Or, learn more about balanced audio.

Visit the store at PonoMusic to download high resolution audio of numerous albums from popular artists and to get the PonoMusic World software (a version of the JRiver Media Center).  The PonoMusic World software keeps your Pono Player updated, transfers files to it, and allows you to purchase music including high resolution version of many favorite artists.  Songs you download can be copied onto the Pono Player or played on your PC or Mac. 

 See the Pono FAQ here.

Pono Player Highlights:

  • 64 GB internal Memory
  • Additional storage- accepts microSD SDHC/SDXC Type 10 cards up to 128GB.
  • Ouput Modes:  Headphone, Dual Headphone, Line out, Balanced audio out
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Supports album art
  • Available in Yellow or Black
  • 6 hour battery life (est.)
  • ESS Sabre ES9018M D/A converter
  • Fully balanced analog circuitry, zero feedback, diamond output buffers
  • Separate low noise power supply regulators for each critical circuit function
  • Individual low phase-noise clock oscillators
  • Custom developed digital coefficients for each sample rate and format



Stereophile and Stereophile Balanced Mode (featuring our cable).

Stereo and Car Mounting Devices

We have found a couple smartphone suction mount devices that fit the Pono Player perfectly.  Use these to mount the Pono to a car windshield or to a glass sheet on your stereo rack.  Make sure to mount on glass, not wood as they will not hold very long on a porous surface. 

The LONG version (above) has a shaft which is about 4 inches long and is adjustable/ bendable, although it is extremely rigid and holds its shape very well.  You can get the Pono mounted at any angle as there is also ball joint at the 'head' which can spin to almost any orientation and locks in place.  Four soft rubber 'claw' type grips in the head hold on to the Pono securely. 


The SHORT version has a fixed, short shaft that does not bend.  It has a ball joint in the 'head' to pivot the player at any angle.