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 Pono Player Digital Music Players

The Pono Player is (was) a state of the art music player, which has been discontinued, with little to no warranty service now available.  We were a Pono Dealer as well as one of the first companies to offer balanced mode cables for the Pono's audiophile quality balanced mode of operation. We still maintain an inventory of **used** Pono players for those of you with large Pono music collections who may want to purchase a fully functional backup or replace a failing player.   From the beginning of Pono we have been familiar with these players and warrant our used players to be fully functional for 30 days (return for refund).  All our used players include:

  • Original bamboo box
  • Minimal signs of wear unless noted otherwise. Difficult to tell from new.
  • Original player, USB cable, charger.
  • 30 day warranty (return within 30 days for refund)
  • Pono charges to 90-100% when plugged in.
  • Updated to the latest firmware 1.0.6.


Pono is a battery (and USB) powered portable digital music player which stores and plays back music in a wide variety of formats, including high resolution music in lossless formats at 192 KHz/ 24 bits.  Compatible with the following formats:  FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, unprotected AAC, and DSD. 

If features a touchscreen controller and audiophile circuitry developed by high end manufacturer Ayre.  Using the ESS Sabre ES9018M DAC and fully balanced circuitry, it is able to output a true balanced audio signal into balanced headphones and balanced preamplifiers.  See our Pono Player balanced cables page for a selection of balanced cables and a list of balanced headphones.  Or, learn more about balanced audio.

 See the Pono FAQ here.

For replacement batteries, click here.

Pono Player Highlights:

  • 64 GB internal Memory
  • Additional storage- accepts microSD SDHC/SDXC Type 10 cards up to 128GB.
  • Ouput Modes:  Headphone, Dual Headphone, Line out, Balanced audio out
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Supports album art
  • Available in Yellow or Black
  • 6 hour battery life (est.)
  • ESS Sabre ES9018M D/A converter
  • Fully balanced analog circuitry, zero feedback, diamond output buffers
  • Separate low noise power supply regulators for each critical circuit function
  • Individual low phase-noise clock oscillators
  • Custom developed digital coefficients for each sample rate and format



Stereophile and Stereophile Balanced Mode (featuring our cable).