Pono Player Batteries

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3/23/21 Update

These were sold out but restocking/testing is underway.  Please check back here for updates.

3/24/21 Update Reorder placed with manufacturer
3/31/21 Update Reorder confirmed, awaiting shipment date

4/14/21 Update

Battery Manufacture date approximately May
4/29/21 Update Batteries have shipped from overseas

5/8/21 Update

Batteries have arrived, undergoing charge/discharge testing.  Expect to take orders and ship by 5/14

We are offering drop-in replacement Pono Player batteries.  Because these are rare please limit yourself to 2 UNITS MAXIMUM. 

Shipping is included in the price.  USA sales only, no international (as per below).

Batteries will be mostly discharged when shipped.

Please read the following carefully!

#1  You will have to open up your Pono Player to replace the battery.  This will void the warranty (not a big deal since Pono is defunct and not providing warranty service anyway), and is fairly easy.  To view a video on how to open the Pono Player, please click this link for a video.

#2  The Pono Player uses a  Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, which is extremely powerful.  All Lithium Ion batteries pose a risk of fire/injury if handled improperly.  Therefore purchase these batteries at your own risk, we will not be responsible for damage/injury caused by these batteries.  In order to purchase you WILL HAVE TO AGREE to the following disclaimer and release of liability: 

This order is for a lithium-ion battery ("product").  The Product is inherently flammable and dangerous.  By ordering or using this product, purchaser and /or recipient agrees to assume all liability resulting from this product, and agrees to dispose of product in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Product should be charged with standard usb 5.0 volt charger, not pono player wall charger.  This product is provided 'as is' and is without any warranty, express or implied. Recipient agrees to hold surf cables harmless For any claim of any nature resulting from use of this product.  Limitation on damages: Surf Cables LLC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on this product.

#3  These batteries include the proper connecting cable and connector so once the player is open, simply unplug the original 2600 mAh battery and plug in the replacement.  The player should  then snap back together with no problem.  Dispose of your original battery properly!

#4.  For some reason, the Pono Player USB wall charger actually charges at 5.2 volts instead of the standard 5.0 volts for USB.  We recommend using a standard 5.0 volt USB charger instead of the Pono Player wall charger.  The batteries charge to less than 5 volts at full charge so the only down side is charging time, not capacity. 

Also for some unknown reason the battery charging circuit in the Pono is a little wacky.  It will charge slower when the Pono is powered up and then plugged in.  It will charge faster if it is (1) powered off and then plugged in, or (2) powered off, then plugged in and then powered on while plugged in. 

#5.  Environmental regulations prohibit AIR SHIPPING, require special labels and packaging and PROHIBIT SALES OUTSIDE USA.  These will ship USPS regular mail and to USA addresses ONLY. 

Technical information: 

The original Pono 2600 mAh batteries charge at about 5.2V/  0.93A from the wall charger to 4.16V when fully charged. 

These replacement batteries are higher capacity, slightly over 3000 mAh, charging at 1.3A and please use a standard 5.0V USB charger instead of the original Pono wall charger.  They also charge to 4.16V when fully charged.  In our "high demand" test, using a balanced mode output to dual 68 ohm resistors (volume = -5), on continuous repeat, the larger batteries lasted about 15-20 minutes longer than the standard battery.  You should get at least 300 minutes out of this battery before needing to recharge. 

Here is some test information.