There's a lot of over the top hype from many of the custom cable manufacturers out there. Surf Cables does not make those types of claims, and their pricing is much more reasonable. That's why I chose to have them mod my Grado GS1000i headphones so I could take advantage of the balanced functionality of my Pono player. The work was done very fast and I no longer think of selling my Grado's. They sound too good!

Dean Wilkerson

Surf Cables gets my highest rating - A+. They combine excellent products at economical prices and combine that with super responsive customer service. It doesn’t get better!

Gary Rancourt

Wow, just received my Pono Balanced cables for my ATH M70x phones. Great Job by John and the staff. All went well, shipping and work was FAST. John had to modify the phones for balanced mode and they sound FANTASTIC.


Received my Pono Balanced cable in the UK in less than a week. Amazing setvice and the cables make a huge improvement to the sound in my Shure IEM's.


Thanks for the super quick turnaround on my Grado headphones mod and Pono balanced cables. Great quality construction and connectors. Pono player sounds even better in balanced mode.

John H.