DHL Express Int'l Upgrade For Shipping

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International orders are charged $18.00 for USPS international first class shipping, or $10.00 for shipments to Canada/ Mexico.  We have found that it takes about 1-2 weeks for items to go from here in California to Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

DHL Express International Updgrade

If you don't want to wait for USPS to deliver your international package, we offer DHL Express International shipping.  DHL Express International shipping is an additional $20.00 for a pair of interconnects or headphone cables.   DHL Express International gets items to Canada in 2-3 days, Europe in about 3 days, Asia in about 3 days. 

Just add DHL International Shipping to your cart (click "add to cart" above) and you will be charged the normal international shipping rate for your mailing address ($10.00 or $18.00 depending on country) and an additional $20.00 to upgrade to fast and easily trackable DHL Express shipping.