Sennheiser HD800 Compatible Cables

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The top-of-the-line Sennheiser HD 800, HD 800s and HD 820 are highly detailed and revealing headphones.  These are natively balanced units which work extremely well with balanced sources such as various Astell & Kern players, the Onkyo DP-X1 and Pono Player in balanced mode.   We offer upgraded cables for these headphones so that you can get the most out of your balanced sources.  Note that the HD800 and HD800S use the same cable system so the cables on this page fit either device.

The connectors for the HD800 use some of the smallest contacts we have ever seen for external cabling.  Our wires, which are about 24 AWG or 28 AWG are about the thickest you can fit in there!  

We also take a number of measures to improve the strain relief system, including filling the exit cavity of the connector with epoxy and shrink wrapping the connector and wire in double wall heat shrink. These cables are labor intensive!

Wire Selection.

You may choose a cable with Standard or OCC silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation.   Standard wire is military/aerospace quality silver plated copper with Teflon insulation, 24 AWG twisted pair.  The OCC cable uses a costly and premium wire formed of specially processed silver plated copper, with Teflon insulation and is of high purity, "5N" or better.  It is approximately 28 AWG. This high purity wire sounds great and has been specially selected by us for its electrical and mechanical properties.  Both types of wire are very flexible, can be bunched, and are durable. 

For a comparison of our Standard and OCC wires, click this link.


Our cables are fully sleeved with a soft, cloth-like black fabric covering.

PonoPlayer balanced mode termination (dual 3.5mm) to Sennheiser HD800. 

Our P-08 line of PonoPlayer cables provides a very high quality balanced mode output from the PonoPlayer to your Sennheiser HD800 headphones.  These cables allow the highest possible quality connection for your high resolution Pono player files, balanced output to balanced headphones.  They consist of dual 3.5mm Neutrik plugs which connect into the Pono player dual outputs, and Sennheiser metallic HD800 plugs for your headphones.  They are made with silver plated copper wire, 24 AWG and Teflon insulation, and feature our soft plush sleeving. 

You may select length from the drop downs above, or email us for other modifications.  See our PonoPlayer page for other cables compatible with the PonoPlayer. 

Onkyo DP-X1 and Astell & Kern Termination.

Our AK-08 line of cables provide a 2.5mm balanced connection from the Onkyo DP-X1 or various Astell & Kern players with the balanced 2.5mm TRRS output.  A true balanced cable which is made with high quality 24AWG silver-plated copper using Teflon insulation, these cables give a superior connection from 2.5mm balanced TRRS outputs.  If you have an Onkyo or Astell & Kern player, this is cable for you. 

Balanced XLR Termination.

Our S-08 line of cables provide a typical balanced XLR connection to the Sennheiser HD800, using the same wire described above. 


You can choose either a 4 pin Male XLR or dual 3 pin male XLR connectors for the P-07.

As always if you need some other type of connector, please email us for a quote.