Cables for PONOPLAYER; Balanced Cables for Pono Player Balanced Mode

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The now-discontinued PonoPlayer remains an outstanding high resolution playback device resulting from famed musician Neil Young.  To get the most out of the PonoPlayer, it can be operated in dual balanced mode, with each of its 3.5mm minijacks providing a balanced output.  We were one of the first companies certified by Pono to build Pono-compatible balanced cables.  Our Pono Player balanced mode cables utilize the balanced feature to provide a superior, low  noise, high power connection.  

Just because the Pono Player is no longer available does not mean you should stop using it for its superior balanced mode sound quality.  See the "follow up" review of the Pono Player's balanced mode in Stereophile Magazine, featuring a nice picture of an earlier version of our P-03 cable and an explanation of the advantages of balanced mode.  We are also mentioned in Stereophile's recommended components under the Pono Player entry. 

Note:  In Pono Player balanced mode, connect the left channel (Black) to the headphone output jack, connect the right channel (Red) to the line out jack.  Select balanced mode from the playback menu and enjoy your music.

If you want to learn more about balanced audio, its advantages, and check out some linked tutorials, please see our article:

Our Pono Player cables are compatible with the following devices.

 Supported Audio Players
  • Pono Player (of course!)/ Balanced mode
  • Sony PHA-3 DAC/ Headphone Amplifier/ Balanced mode
  • Ayre Acoustics Codex DAC/ Headphone Amplifier/ Balanced mode
  • Fiio K5 balanced outputs.

 We have quite a few Pono Player balanced mode Headphone cables for balanced headphone operation, please see the following chart (these also work for the devices in the table above):

Headphones Pono Player Balanced Mode Cables?
Alpha Dog Yes, we do not stock parts for Alpha Dog we have parts, please email us for ordering a cable.
Audeze LCD Series Yes, Audeze LCD-2/3 cables available here.
Audeze EL Series Yes, click here for EL-8 Pono Cables.
Audio Technica

ATH-R70X, yes please see our  Audio Technica page.  Other models need to be modded for balanced signal capability.

AudioQuest Nighthawk cables are available, please see this page for more details.
Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd generation) and T5p (2nd generation).  Yes, drop us an email and we will make you a cable. 
Grado Grado SR 225e (and possibly other models) need to be modded; Luckily the SR 225e uses a big fat cable with 8 internal wires, fully balanced up to the 3.5mm connector.  Please email us for modding your cable.

Yes, for HE4, HE5, HE6, HE300, HE400, HE400i, HE500, HE560 and HE600 please see our HF-P on  our HiFiMan page here

For HE-400s cables, please see the HS-P on our HiFiMan page here.

For HE-1000 cables please see this page for more details.

IEMs (In-Ear-Monitors) Yes, please see our IEM page for more details.
Oppo PM-1, PM-2 and PM-3 Yes, Oppo cables are available on our Oppo Page.
Sennheiser HD518/ HD558/ HD598 Yes, we can make cables for the HD518, HD558 or HD598 please see our Sennheiser HD518/ HD558/ HD598 page here.
Sennheiser HD600 Type Yes,  HD414, HD420, HD430, HD525, HD545, HD565, HD580, HD600 and HD650Sennheiser HD600/650 type cables available here.
Sennheiser HD700 Yes Sennheiser HD700 cables available here.
Sennheiser HD800 Yes Sennheiser HD800 cables available here.
Sony h.ear on (MDR-100AAP) and Sony MDR-1A Yes, no problem.  Please see our Sony TRRS page for details.
Sony MDR-Z7 Yes Sony MDR-Z7 cables available here.
Velodyne vTrue Yes, please email us for ordering a cable.
Xiaomi Mi HiFi Yes, dual 2.5mm with long flange.  Please email us for ordering a cable.

 If you don't see your headphones listed, please consult our ever-expanding global chart of balanced headphones

Available for ordering on this page are the following cables, which are described more fully below.

Pono Player Cable  Cable Type (order from Drop Downs above)

Pono Player to XLR-Male (pair of L and R cables).  This is for connecting a balanced preamp's inputs to the Pono Player balanced mode output.


Pono Player to single XLR-Female (4 pin).  Many existing balanced headphones have a 4 pin XLR Male connector on the amplifier end.  This cable allows you to use those headphones with the Pono Player in balanced mode.


Should you purchase a pair of balanced mode cables from us (or somewhere else) this cable allows you to use those cables with standard headphone jacks.

The P-02 cable is our balanced mode dual XLR cable, use it to connect your PonoPlayer in balanced mode to a balanced preamplifier.  This cable uses a standard balanced pair of 3 pin XLR male connectors for connecting the Pono Player to a balanced preamplifier.  This is a shielded cable utilizing a braided shield that is composed of silver plated copper, which reduces noise and gives quieter backgrounds.  Like the insulation on the signal conductors, the cable jacket is Teflon. 

The P-02 uses a rugged black techflex-type sleeving for protection as it is not a headphone cable and microphonics are not an issue. 

The P-03 cable is our balanced mode single XLR cable.  If you already have balanced headphones that use a 4 pin XLR male connector, this cable lets you connect your existing cable to the Pono Player in balanced mode.  Our cable provides a Pono Player balanced mode output to a single stereo 4 pin balanced XLR Female connector which allows you to mate your existing 4 pin male cable and obtain a full balanced signal from the Pono Player.  This cable is made with our standard silver Teflon wire. 


The P-04 Adapter cable is not a Pono Player cable.  Rather it connects your Pono-enabled device to a regular headphone jack.  For example, if you have Sennheiser HD650 headphones with our P-01A cable, you are able to connect your headphones to the PonoPlayer using the P-01A certified Pono cable.  The P-04 allows these headphones using this cable to connect to a standard headphone connector.  The P-04 allows any pono-player compatible cable to connect to a standard headphone jack.  While the connection will become unbalanced (as it must using a standard jack), it is an upgrade over the OEM cable and will allow you to utilize our Standard silver Teflon wire. 

These use our Standard silver Teflon wire and are terminated with Neutrik Rean 3.5mm gold plated jacks on the Pono end.  The headphone input may use any type of headphone plug.  Shown below left to right are the P-04A 3.5mm standard plug, P-04B 3.5mm right angle plug, P-04C 3.5mm 1/4" combination plug (with 1/4" screw on adapter), and P-04D 1/4" headphone plug.

The P-04E is a special adapter cable designed to allow your 3.5mm TRRS balanced headphones connect to the Pono Player in balanced mode.  For example, the HiFiMan RE600 to Pono Player.  This cable has a Female 3.5mm TRRS balanced receptacle for the headphones, and connects via two 3.5mm male plugs into the Pono Player's balanced outputs.  (TRRS color is random).


The P-04F is a special adapter cable which converts a 3.5mm TRRS jack (found on HiFiMan or other balanced media players) to a 4 pin XLR Female cable.  It allows a 4 pin XLR cable to be used with a 3.5mm TRRS balanced player.  The cable is a foot long, 3.5mm TRRS male to 4 pin XLR Female.

The P-04G is a special adapter cable that converts a 3.5mm TRRS jack (found on HiFiMan or other balanced media players) to a pair of 3.5mm TRS Female sockets.  It allows a pono player cable to be used with a 3.5mm TRRS balanced player.  The cable is a foot long, 3.5mm TRRS male to dual 3.5mm TRRS Female.