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We get a lot of requests to modify headphones to make them balanced, so much so we have begun offering for sale some of the most common headphones that we modded for balanced use.  Love the sound of the Audio Technica's but cannot drive them fully balanced with that Onkyo DP-X1?  No problem, get a modded set from us.  Includes balanced cable of your choice- about 4 feet long, selectable from the drop downs above.

While all headphones are "used," (and without manufacturer's warranty), we provide a 60 day repair warranty in case something should happen.  We may or may not have the original box/packaging, check the description below for details.

Check back for availability.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

This headphone, commonly used in studios and for live recording, has been carefully dissembled and modified with a new internal connector to accept balanced cables.  We use a 2.5mm TRRS jack for this headphone, it is fully balanced and backwards compatible with the original 2.5mm TRS twist-lock cables which are also included.  Twist lock functionality on the original cables (and balanced cable) are fully preserved.  You would not be able to tell this modified unit from the original.  Original box, manuals, and all materials are included (such as original cables and pouch). 

Pictures- AT1, AT2, AT3

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

This classic headphone is open back with a 250 ohm impedance.  It is comfortable and lightweight, often used in pro audio  The stock version has a captive (non-removeable) cable.  We cut out the original cable, rewired the internals and soldered in a 4 contact 3.5mm TRRS connector to drive this fully balanced.  It includes the original cable, reterminated with a 3.5mm unbalanced connector, and should work with any 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable.  We also include the balanced cable of your choice (4 feet long, std wire).  The headset comes with the original box and materials, and is 'used' but perfectly working.

Pictures- BD1, BD2, BD3.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 (B&W P7)

This small and lightweight headphone has incredible sound quality.  While it comes with a detachable cable, its not balanced out of the box.  This is a pain to take apart, but we have figured out how and spent the time to carefully modify this unit by meticulous disassembly and replacement of the internal connector, rewiring the earcups correctly in the process.  The original cable still works and the cables can be exchanged whenever the user wishes.  Includes all pictured items but not original box.

 Pictures- BW1, BW2

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