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Termination Options- READ CAREFULLY

Our cables should fit your HiFiMan headphones, but just to make things interesting, HiFiMan has been changing the connectors on their headphones over the years.  Actually the very old coaxial connectors were difficult to engage/disengage, the old 2.5mm TRS connectors were fragile, and the new 3.5mm TRS connectors should be an improvement.  Please check  the chart below to see what type of connectors your headset uses!  They will not look exactly the same as that pictured but you will get the idea!

A standard 3.5mm Surf Cables connector is shown at the bottom of the chart for size comparison.


About HiFiMan Headphones.

HiFiMan headphones are well engineered and have become quite popular in the market.  Whether you have the planar or dynamic driver models, these headphones sound and look fantastic.  Moreover, they are fully balanced units, capable of outstanding performance when run with a balanced headphone amplifier and balanced cable.  The stock cable can also be upgraded for better, fuller sound.  While we are not affiliated with HiFiMan, we do offer silver-Teflon upgraded standard and balanced cables for certain HiFiMan models.  Our cables are made of stranded copper wire, with silver plating on each strand.  They also feature Teflon insulation.

Wire Selection.

You may choose a cable with Standard or OCC silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation.   Standard wire is military/aerospace quality silver plated copper with Teflon insulation, 24 AWG twisted pair.  The OCC cable uses a costly and premium wire formed of specially processed silver plated copper, with Teflon insulation and is of high purity, "5N" or better.  It is approximately 28 AWG. This high purity wire sounds great and has been specially selected by us for its electrical and mechanical properties.  Both types of wire are very flexible, can be bunched, and are durable. 

For a comparison of our Standard and OCC wires, click this link.


Our cables are fully sleeved with a soft, cloth-like black fabric covering.

Astell & Kern and Onkyo DP-X1/ Pioneer.

Our AK cables fit the newer 2.5mm TRRS balanced outputs available on Astell & Kern players, as well as the Onkyo DP-X1, Cayin N5, Pioneer XDP300 and other players. 

Standard 4 Pin XLR Balancded Cables.

Our 4XLR cables include a Neutrik Male 4 pin XLR connector to fit standard 4 pin balanced headphone amplifiers.

Sony "Penta" Type Cables.

Our Sony 4.5mm cables include the new Sony "Penta" type 4.5mm balanced connector to fit the lastest in Sony amplifiers and music players.

Pono Player Balanced Mode Cables.

Our Pono cables include dual 3.5mm connectors on the player end to mate with both outputs on the Pono Player for a fully balanced connection in balanced playback mode. 

We offer a number of termination options selectable in the drop downs above.  If you don't see what you want, just email us for a price estimate.