SONY MDR-Z7 Headphone Cables

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Sony's MDR-Z7 is a technological marvel featuring 70mm drivers, aluminum-coated liquid crystal polymer diaphragms, and soft leather earpads for an easy fit while listening for an extended time.  An aluminum based headband provides rigidity and molds to the listener.  This is a fully balanced headphone, as it should be, at the top of the Sony line. 

This cable also fits the MDR-Z1R.

Upgraded Sony MDR-Z7 Headphone Cables.

Upgrade your Sony MDR-Z7 headphone cable with one of our aftermarket silver-Teflon cables (we have no affiliation with Sony).  Our MDR-Z7 cables upgrade the stock cables to improve the sound with highly conductive silver-Teflon wire.  These cables will improve signal transmission, bass and clarity.  Note that our MDR-Z7 cables do not include screw down 3.5mm connectors for the headphone earpieces, as these parts are not yet commercially available.  We supply standard Amphenol gold plated 3.5mm connectors for the earpieces which function perfectly in all but extreme/ active circumstances.  If you listen to your headphones while seated or standing, you will never know that your connections are not screwed into the headset.  But if you skateboard, jog, bike, ski, fly fighter jets, use a jackhammer, or do other active sports, the connections may become intermittent from time to time as your head and body can be jarred by these activities.  If you plan on active listening in this manner please be aware of the limitations of the headset connectors. 

Wire Selection.

You may choose a cable with Standard or OCC silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation.   Standard wire is military/aerospace quality silver plated copper with Teflon insulation, 24 AWG twisted pair.  The OCC cable uses a costly and premium wire formed of specially processed silver plated copper, with Teflon insulation and is of high purity, "5N" or better.  It is approximately 28 AWG. This high purity wire sounds great and has been specially selected by us for its electrical and mechanical properties.  Both types of wire are very flexible, can be bunched, and are durable. 

For a comparison of our Standard and OCC wires, click this link.


Our cables are fully sleeved with a soft, cloth-like black fabric covering.

Pono Player Cables

The SY-P will connect the MDR-Z7 headphones to the Pono Player in balanced mode.  Note that this cable will also connect the MDR-Z7 to the Sony PHA-3 headphone amplifier in balanced mode. 

At the source end of the cable, the SY-01A uses the default straight 3.5mm Neutrik Rean connector, the SY-01B uses a gold plated right angle connector, and the SY-01C uses a 3.5mm combination connector (with 1/4" screw on adapter).  The SY-01D uses a 1/4" connector.



Like our other headphone cables, the Sony cables are available with our "plush" braiding which is a soft nylon sleeving that is cloth or fabric-like. The soft braiding lead to reduced microphonics and improves durability.  The soft sleeving is black in color. 

Note that connectors, wire and length can be selected from the drop-down menus above.  The price will appear for the selections that are shown.   

Balanced Cables For the MDR-Z7.

We offer three types of balanced cables for the fully balanced MDR-Z7.

The SY-P is a balanced cable which connects the MDR-Z7 to the Sony PHA-3 headphone amplfier/ DAC or to a Pono Player in dual balanced mode.  The same cable will work for either device. 

The SY-05 is a balanced cable with a pair of 3 Pin female XLR connectors to connect the MDR-Z7 to your headphone amplifier.

The SY-06 is a balanced cable with a single 4 pin male XLR connector to connect to the MDR-Z7 to a headphone amplifier.

The SY-ON will connect the MDR-Z7 headphones to the Onkyo DP-X1 or various Astell and Kern balanced players using the 2.5mm TRRS jack in balanced mode. 

Email us to order custom lengths or with other variations.