Sennheiser HD518/HD558/HD598 Compatible Cables

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We currently manufacture cables compatible wit the Sennheiser HD518, HD579, HD558 and HD598 headphones.  These also works for the newer HD599.

These legendary Sennheiser models use fully balanced connectors inside the headset, but they ship with a cable that for some reason destroys the balanced connection!  Connectors for this headphone are not available, so options for making a fully balanced cable have not been good....until now!  We have acquired about a zillion stock cables so we are able to carefully splice into the original connetor with our high quality silver plated copper wire.

The result is a fully balanced, high end cable that mates perfectly with the headphones. Why balanced?  Simply put, less distortion, less noise, more gain, better sound.  See our balanced information page for a discussion of balanced operation. If you have a balanced capable player/ amplifier and balanced capable headphones like these Sennheiser products you owe it to yourself to try balanced sound!

The cables on this page fit the following headphones.

Sennheiser HD518
Sennheiser HD558
Sennheiser HD598
Sennheiser HD579
Sennheiser HD599


Wire Selection.

You may choose a cable with Standard or OCC silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation.   Standard wire is military/aerospace quality silver plated copper with Teflon insulation, 24 AWG twisted pair.  The OCC cable uses a costly and premium wire formed of specially processed silver plated copper, with Teflon insulation and is of high purity, "5N" or better.  It is approximately 28 AWG. This high purity wire sounds great and has been specially selected by us for its electrical and mechanical properties.  Both types of wire are very flexible, can be bunched, and are durable. 

For a comparison of our Standard and OCC wires, click this link.


Our cables are fully sleeved with a soft, cloth-like black fabric covering.

Cables are available in various termination options below. 

PonoPlayer balanced mode termination (dual 3.5mm) for The HD518/558/598 Headphones. 

Our certified PonoPlayer cables (select the Pono drop down above) provide a very high quality balanced mode output from the PonoPlayer to your HD518/ HD558/ HD598 headphones.  These cables allow the highest possible quality connection for your high resolution Pono player files, balanced output to balanced headphones.  They consist of dual 3.5mm Neutrik plugs which connect into the Pono player dual outputs, and a stock Sennheiser twist-lock connector for your headphones.  They are made with silver plated copper wire, 24 AWG and Teflon insulation, and feature our soft plush sleeving. 

You may select length from the drop downs above, or email us for other modifications.  See our PonoPlayer page for other cables compatible with the PonoPlayer. 


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XLR balanced termination for the HD518/558/598 Headphones. 

We also manufacture other balanced cables suitable to connect your HD518/ HD558/ HD598 headphones to a balanced headphone amplifier.  Available in almost any configuration, such as a single 4 pin XLR (male) or a pair of 3 pin XLR (male) connectors (see the options in the drop downs above), we can make this fit just about any headphone amplifier.  We use Neutrik XLR connectors and and a standard Sennheiser twist-lock connector for the headphones.  These are made with silver plated copper wire, 24 AWG and Teflon insulation, and feature our soft plush sleeving. 

You may select length from the drop downs above, or email us for other modifications.