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Audeze planar headphones feature Neodymium magnets and sound great, we should know as we are an Audeze Authorized dealer.  The LCD-2 and LCD-3 are fully balanced units, capable of outstanding performance when run with a balanced headphone amplifier and balanced cable.  The stock cable can also be upgraded for better, fuller sound.  While we are not affiliated with Audeze, we offer silver-Teflon upgraded standard and balanced cables for the Audeze LCD-2 and LCD-3 models.  Our cables are made of stranded copper wire, with silver plating on each strand.  They also feature Teflon insulation. We use Neutrik "Rean" 4 pin "tiny" XLRs which mate perfectly with the Audeze headphones. 

Note- these cables are for the LCD series of headphones, if you have the EL-8, please see this page for the Audeze EL-8 pono player cable.


Wire Selection.

You may choose Standard or Heavy silver-plated-copper wire with Teflon insulation.  The 20 AWG (Heavy) wire, is a massive wire compared to most headphone wires.  This wire provides superior conductivity but is more rigid (less flexible) than most headphone wires.  The wire can be bent easily but tends to hold its shape when bent.  It is suitable for home listening but not for travel or active lifestyle purposes (such as working out).  For a more flexible everyday wire, we offer the Standard option, which is 24 AWG (Standard) silver-plated-copper wire with Teflon insulation.  This wire is still thicker in gauge than most hair-thin headphone wires, and uses optimal Teflon insulation for reduced capacitance.  However the Standard wire is very flexible, lighter and with a looser weave.   It will not hold its shape and is suitable for working out or other active uses.  It sacrifices a small amount of performance for physical utility.  In fact, we recommend the Standard wire for Pono Player balanced mode headphone cables as its sound quality, in our view, is very close to the Heavy wire.

For a comparison of our Standard and Heavy wires, click this link

Most Pono Player type cables with "standard" wire are fully sleeved with the cloth-like sleeving (4 and 5 foot lengths), shown on the left hand side below.  The "heavy" wire cables on the right hand side have some exposed twisted pairs of insulated wires.

Termination Options.

Our AZ series cables fit the Audeze models with mini (or "tiny" XLR) connectors, including the LCD-2 and LCD-3.  Our silver-plated Teflon wire is far thicker and more conductive than the wire that comes with the headphones.  Move up to a silver-Teflon headphone cable for the best listening experience.

Want to connect your Audeze headphones to a Pono Player?  Most Audeze headphones are difficult to drive so this is better done in the Pono Player balanced mode.  Our P-AZ  series of cables allows you to connect your LCD-2 or LCD-3 headphones to the Pono Player in balanced mode. 

These are available with our plush, fabric like sleeving which has reduced microphonics. 

We offer a number of termination options selectable in the drop downs above.  If you don't see what you want, just email us for a price estimate. 

Note:  Audeze Sine and Audeze EL-8 Pono Player cables are available on our Audeze Page.