PRO-1 SILVER RCA Interconnect

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A pair of shielded RCA interconnects using silver Teflon aerospace/ MIL spec wire.  These highly conductive, shielded, rugged cables are suitable for professional audio applications, live sound applications, studio and audiophile use.  The cable is shielded with a copper, silver plated shield.  We terminate the cable with industry standard silver (limited quantity) or gold plated RCA connectors, Neutrik "Rean" pairs, selectable at your option.

Cardas silver, lead free solder is used to terminate the cables, giving a high quality connection. 

The two signal carrying conductors within this cable are composed of silver plated copper strands, where each individual strand is silver plated.  Each conductor is 22 AWG, much thicker than most competing products (which use 24/26/30 AWG (thinner) wire).  Two conductors are used for the signal, and the shield is grounded at one end only.  Shielding the cable in this way avoids unwanted ground loops and improves noise isolation.  We recommend using the cable so the signal travels from the source component to the destination component in the direction of the arrow on the heatshrink (for optimal shielding).  The cable will work fine in either direction so can be experimented with for best sound.

Note that we also sell a solid, pure silver cable, click here for the RCA SOLID.