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A pair of pure, solid silver interconnects using Teflon PTFE insulation.  This interconnect uses fine, soft silver wire with Neutrik "Rean" silver plated (while supplies last) connectors.  Each cable is braided to avoid noise pickup and terminated using silver solder. 

The silver wire is 99.9% purity (3 Nines), made in USA, and soft and pliable so that the cables may be bent without worry.  This cable combines the best conductor (silver) with the best insulation (Teflon PTFE), to provide a remarkable interface at a low, low price.  We chose this wire after evaluating its properties, sound and mechanical characteristics.  True, some companies offer astronomically expensive 4 Nines silver (99.99% purity) based cables, but we cannot see any sonic benefit to the last increment in purity, nor is this cable anywhere close to cost effective in a reasonable thickness, such as the 22 gauge conductors we offer here.  Keep in mind that high end cable companies typically do not disclose the wire gauges in their cables.

In fact, the price of our solid silver interconnects is below the price of copper cables from some of our competitors.  How do we do this?  Simple, we do not charge outrageous prices for 'geometry' or so called 'research' which consists mainly of marketing instead of actual science.  Our prices are based on the cost of materials and labor for our products, and we can assemble these cables in the USA for a reasonable price using silver wire that is bought in the USA. 

If you really care about sound, you owe it to yourself to try a pair of solid silver interconnects, the standard in transparency and detail. 

In addition, we have come into possession of a number of excellent Neutrik Rean Silver plated RCA connectors and re-purposed them for use in this cable.  Thus we are able to provide a silver path end-to-end.  A pure silver cable with silver plated interconnects, terminated with silver solder. 

Note- prices are per pair of interconnects (a set of L/R).