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A pair of shielded balanced XLR interconnects using silver Teflon aerospace/ MIL spec wire.  A rugged cable with full shielding that is suitable for professional audio use, live sound, and studio/ audiophile applications.  The cable is shielded with a copper, silver plated shield.  We terminate the cable with industry standard Neutrik Male/Female connectors (NC3MXX and NC3FXX), each of which feature silver plated contacts. 

Cardas silver, lead free solder is used to terminate the cables, giving a high quality connection. 

The three silver plated copper signal conductors within this cable are 22 AWG.  Each conductor is composed of strands of copper wire, with each strand silver plated, to provide a highly conductive electrical interface.  Most competing products use thinner 24/26/30 AWG wire containing only copper.  The shield in this cable is is also composed of a copper braid that is silver plated.  The insulation around the signal conductors is Teflon, as is the wire jacket.  The cable is covered in a protective black techflex-like braid. 

This cable provides very close to a pure silver solution, with silver components used end-to-end, including the shielding.  If you have fully balanced equipment you need to try a set of these cables. 

Full Size Pictures are available here: Picture 1, Picture 2.