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Our speaker cable provides an incredibly low resistance path allowing all your music to flow to your speakers.  Using Teflon insulation results in low capacitance which makes the cable suitable for any amplifier as it will not contribute to instability. 

The wire is MIL spec/ aerospace stranded 12 AWG silver plated copper wire in a twisted braid, which means that the speaker wire itself is very thick yet the cable assembly is lightweight and flexible.  There is no rubber insulation, cloth filler or other unnecessary cosmetic material that causes the cable to appear thicker and more substantial than it actually is.  The thin layer of superior Teflon insulation is rated for hundreds of volts, and a protective nylon techflex-type braided sleeve keeps the conductors tightly wound. 

This is a lightweight and flexible cable that will not stress the jacks on your components, but is very large gauge and suitable for long runs without appreciable loss. 

Click here for full size image of single cable; click here for full size image of both cables.

The wire is terminated in gold plated Z banana plugs or spades, at your choice and is available in any reasonable length.  Please email us for lengths not listed. 

Because the Teflon insulation in our cables is superior to conventional insulation, it can withstand hundreds of volts in a much smaller thickness.  This makes our speaker cables physically thinner, lighter and more flexible than those from most of the competition, yet we use thicker conductors in the wire.

Consider Audioqest speaker cables as compared to the wire used in our 12 AWG cables. The AudioQuest X2 consists of two runs of 14 AWG copper wire with conventional insulation.  This results in a bulky, heavy cable yet containing wire that is smaller gauge and thickness than our cable.  A comparison is shown below (a gray version of our 12 AWG wire is on the left).

The AudioQuest Rocket 44 speaker cable, shown below, is slightly thicker than the X2 a total of 13 AWG from separate solid core inductors of copper.  Our wire (gray version) is shown below the AudioQuest cable. 

The AudioQuest Rocket 33, shown below, has even thinner 14 AWG- equivalent conductors. 

Do not be fooled by thick, heavy cables which may contain thin wire inside.  Our cables sound great, have high conductivity and low capacitance, and are mechanically sound.  Whether you decide to purchase cables from us or from elsewhere, make yourself aware of the wire inside the cable.