Speaker Cable

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Our new speaker cable is the result of careful evaluation of a number of cables available here in the US and abroad.  We considered cables with all manner of construction, including different strandings, braiding, shielding and strand configuration.  Eventually we settled on a fantastic speaker cable that we are happy to say is Made in USA.

The speaker cable is 10 AWG, comprised of pure copper stranding in a rope-lay configuration and is extremely flexible.  This is not a small or lightweight cable, it will provide you with thunderous bass, yet delicate treble and a three dimensional soundstage.  Yet it is priced reasonably compared to the fancy "geometry" cables out there that use questionable theories of operation. 

Do not be fooled by thick, heavy cables which may contain tiny wires inside.  Our cables sound great, have high conductivity and low capacitance, and are mechanically sound with massive 10 AWG copper conductors.