Mark Levinson CAMAC/ Fischer Type Cables

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Back in the old days, some Mark Levinson products shipped with plug-in coaxial connectors, called "CAMAC" or "Fischer" (they were originally made by Fischer of Switzerland). While common in large scale industry these connectors immediately confused everyone as they were not used on audio components before or since!

These connectors are actually very nice- they are flush mounted, spring locking and allow ground to connect before signal- avoiding pops in many cases (please still connect and disconnect with equipment turned off!).  They also feature TEFLON insulation and sound great as well.

The connectors are quite difficult to source so we are happy to offer CAMAC compatible cables to you classic Levinson owners out there.  The connectors are designed for a coaxial type cable, so we are mating these connectors with a Military/ Aerospace rated TEFLON insulated coaxial cable, using stranded silver plated copper over steel center conductors, with a silver plated copper shield.

You may select length and type from the drop downs above.  CAMAC is single ended, so these are offered CAMAC-to-CAMAC or CAMAC-to-RCA.  Turn it around and its RCA-to-CAMAC.  We are using gold plated Neutrik "Rean" RCA connectors on the RCA end as pictured.   If you have another type of connection in mind or a request please email us here.